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I was connected to Jay through a family member. His guidance and expertise were invaluable at a time when I truly felt lost in reaching my loved one who was struggling deeply with addiction. Jay pointed us in the direction of a top-notch treatment facility that hadn’t yet crossed my radar. My loved one chose to enter the facility Jay recommended, and that made all the difference. Without his connections, my loved one and our family wouldn’t have had a life-changing experience in breaking free of the destructive cycle that addiction brought into our lives. As a result of seeking treatment, my loved one started down the path of sobriety, and the rest of us were able to begin our own recovery journeys, gaining education and many resources about addiction along the way. I am so grateful to Jay for providing steadiness in the process and for helping get my loved one into treatment, where they were willing to receive help and do the work to lead a life of sobriety.

- RK

 Jack S.

Hi Jay,


I should have done this sooner but I wanted to reach out and say thank you for leading the intervention for my dad, back in May. He's been totally sober ever since, taking the breathalyzer twice a day. 


You're a genuine blessing for us and for families like ours, so thank you for all you do. Without exaggeration, we couldn't have saved my dad's life without you.



J. S.


I could not even begin to imagine what your life is like. I don't know how you do it but... I'm eternally grateful that you do.


As you could see - we have a complicated familial dynamic going on. John spoke so highly of you last night. I honestly don't know how you do this. I would call it noble-- but I don't think that's why you do it. And - I would keep thanking you - but - there are no words to cover the kindness, compassion, and patience you shared with John and how miraculously you pulled everything off. I'm sure there are many families who don't have outcomes as peaceful and positive as ours. Take care Jay. You saved John's life. Literally. You saved his life. J.T.

Mrs. D

Jay was a Godsend!!! He supported me when I thought there was nothing left to do. He never gave up hope. He was always available. He was in constant communication with me and when possible, my son. He was full of productive ideas. Jay has incredible insight. He pushed me out of my comfort zone for the greater good. He helped me set and secure boundaries. He transported my son halfway across the country and stayed a few extra days to make sure my son was safe and settled. Most of all, Jay handled a mom and a grandma on a mission to save a loved one. Jay has the patience of a saint and an incredible will to help others. Thank you for everything, Jay - Mrs. D

Cindy A.

First Step Consultants has renewed my faith in human kindness. Thank you FSAC for your professional, compassionate & heartfelt understanding to our immediate & desperate needs. I can't say enough positive things, or thank them enough for everything they have done for me & my family. Thank you for all you do! 5-Stars***** - Cindy A.

Jim D.

"I was honored to meet Jay, at one of many rock bottom places of my life. He was and is a human that helped me save my life. After 17 years of awesome continuous sobriety, I picked up a drink and Jay was called upon by my Higher Power to take me across the country, to rehab, with the kindness of his heart, grace, understanding, love and passion. My Higher Power again called on Jay, two months later, when I was so deep in the "rabbit" hole, my life was at stake. Jay wears many "hats" in his life, I am blessed to have him as a true “trench” friend, and a human that gets me... And to me, Jay Webb is a leader in the Healing Community. Thank You Jay." - Jim D.
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