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Jay Webb, C.I.P.            
Interventionist and Founder

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An Addiction Interventionist’s Role

An Interventionist provides the reason on the family’s terms, not the addict or alcoholic’s terms. An Interventionist brings all of the personalities of a family together, with all of their diverse opinions, and focuses everyone on a single solution that works on a level comfortable to them all.

Meet Jay:

Jay has shown a lifelong passion and track record for making a difference. He is a Certified Interventionist. Having received BreakFREE Intervention Training with Brad Lamm and CCMI (Certified Case Manager Intervention) training through Ken Seely's Intervention911 program. As an Interventionist, he believes that recovery from addiction can be a gateway to an incredible, creative, and productive life!

Today’s world brings on many hardships. One of which is the paralyzing grip of addiction on a struggling loved one, which all too often contributes to severe dysfunction within the family unit. With over (18) years of work in recovery, Jay recognizes the underlying issues. As an Interventionist, he will introduce a proactive approach, along with the necessary steps required to unite family and friends, collectively, to encourage change in a loved one. Jay’s compassion and empathy for the client and the ability to layout a positive path for success, allows him to fend off any notion of attempting recovery alone.

During this time of family crisis, the transition towards recovery can be overwhelming, often derailed by the stress and fear of the unknown, especially when seeking out a quality treatment program for a loved one. Jay provides families with a systematic action plan for treatment and then personally transports the individual safely to a predetermined treatment facility.

Jay understands what it takes, having recovered from years of being chained to his own addiction with the inability to hit the "OFF" switch on his own. Miraculously he found his way into several life changing programs of recovery. Jay is now professionally trained in interventions and is gifted to motivate individuals to seek help for their own addiction.

In addition to facilitating interventions, Jay is trained as a 24/7 Sober Companion and Recovery Coach, typically utilized for those prone to relapse. He helps clients solidify what was learned in treatment by helping them implement those tools in a new life of sobriety.    


Jay is also President/Director of a local 501(c)3 non-profit organization that operates a men’s sober living home, which serves to support the community as an outreach, shining a light on awareness, prevention, and the stigma of addiction as well as the reality that "WE DO RECOVER!" 

"Take the first step in faith... 

                   You don't have to see the whole staircase, just take the first step.” 

                                                                                        - Martin Luther King Jr

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